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About us

A.Tuit-Blumenthal worked for many years as a manager in the commercial

sector. The psychosocial workload due to long working days and dealines

made her leave the commercial sector and now work for mental health care and now also for the Beauty business.

Beauty from the inside and outside. 

A very good combination.

She found that burnout has become the number one disease in almonst all industralizd countries. At the time,

Mrs Tuit-Blumenthal decided to do something about this and studied stress counseling at HBO level in Heteren where she graduated in December 2008. She knows all the ups and downs of the business world and is particularly specialized in stress related illnesses and their prevention like

Depressions,anxiety disorders,relationship problems and grief processing etc. 

Medical studies where beside coaching and counseling also part of her education .

Her motto is still

Prevention is better than cure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile A.Tuit-Blumenthal has over 10 years of experience as a pysychologist,coach and counselor.

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