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Business Coaching & Counseling 

YICC (Yes I Can Coaching and Counseling )focusses on coaching and counseling employess who suffer from psychosocial workload. We also provide incompagny training in the field of communication.

YICC distinguishes itself and counselors because we approach psychosocial workload in an intergral and holictic way.

we help your employees to function properly again and we are happy to help reduce absenteeism. 

We can also help you with application procedures with psychological tests so that you will not be suprised in an unpleasend way ! Working in harmony with the vision YES I CAN  

Get better results within your compagny to improve the working atmpsphere.

After all, a motivated employee counts for two !

General Coaching and Counseling

As human Beings we all sometimes experience moments when we are stuck or just do not  see it.

Questions such as which way do i want to go, how can i get a grip om my life again,or whether you no longer see the forest coming trough teh tress.Or you are simply not happy when there is actually no reason for it, if you at such a point in your life it is nice if someone else looks at your problems with a clear view to solve the problems together. Counseling is an accessible form of distance. The perception of the client comes first !

Due to that YICC shows understanding and empathy for the client, space is release the emotions and a place to give. The emphasis in this phase will be on gaining the clients trust.

During the conversations self-insight is increased and the client is given enough time to get an idea of his or her problems.

after completing this phase , we will switch to a more coaching model. coaching is result-orientated and pragmatic. Various techniques are applied depending on the wishes and needs of the client.

the coach/counselor will be flexible.

in principle,all coaching and counseling sessions are given on loacation, wheather at your office or at home, which certainly has it advantages for you in terms of travel time.

Exceptions are ladies who want a combination treatment, which means a coaching/ and /of counseling session in combination with a beauty service at


These combi sessions are given by us in Gorinchem or at your request at home. We will come later to this on the site later on/

Private Coaching  & Counseling 

Our services in shortfor individuals :

* realtionship or family problems 

* stress -related illnesses

* burnput


*stress management

* Anxiety desorders and phobias

* depressions

* assertiveness training

*multicultaral counseling

and more..

inform without obligation !

Our services for compagnies

* stress counselng

* stress prevention

* screening staff

* psychological tests of your employees

So if you do not speak dutch and you are suffering due to PTSD or Burn-out , Depression or any other kind of mental issues feel free to contact us.

we wil help you in English !